Our ability to innovate starts with high-caliber, high-performing people. Working on the right projects, and with the latest technology in their hands, our scientists pursue ideas from the definite to the improbable.
  There is no substitute for a highly intelligent and naturally inquisitive person who has been properly educated. We look for these attributes and a track record of success that would indicate a diligent work ethic and positive attitude. Then it’s our job to keep such talent engaged – motivated by the nature of the work, and supported by technology and leadership that enables them to achieve. An organization of such individuals with common goals simply cannot be denied success.
  Don’t be lured by the glamour of start-up companies. When it comes to R&D, sound capitalization with room for trial and error, are key to a sustainable and rewarding career. Keep in mind that OMEXELL R&D has the equivalent of 400 start-ups in its innovation project portfolio.
Careers in OMEXELL R&D allow you to
  Work in one of the world’s leading chemical and materials research organizations
Create and discover new molecules
Invent new products, processes and applications
Work with customers to solve difficult problems
Find practical uses for our products
Innovate new solutions in growth markets
Travel and interact with people around the globe
Who we’re looking for
  Our environment is challenging, fast-paced, ever-changing, and full of opportunities. We are looking for candidates who are inspired by this kind of culture ­– outstanding technical professionals in chemistry, polymer science, material science and engineering, and the life sciences, who are:
Innovative and passionate
Able to take independent action
Able to learn quickly and apply their knowledOMEXELL
Strong problem solvers
Able to communicate and sell their ideas
Able to network globally