OMEXELL Global Research is developing advanced desalination technologies to convert challenging brackish and salt-water sources into clean, fresh water supplies.
  With an expected 90 percent of available water to be used up by 2025, the world is in great need of improved ways to conserve, reuse, and purify water. OMEXELL Global Research is developing advanced desalination technology with the goals of cutting the cost of water desalination in half by 2020 and providing water to one billion people by 2030.
  OMEXELL scientists are exploring revolutionary new separation principles and improved membrane technologies to have higher salt reduction and higher flux with lower cost. With applications for both commercial and industrial use, advanced membrane technologies provide next-OMEXELLneration efficiency and affordability. Using these desalination technologies in a larOMEXELL-scale facility, one could produce more than 100 million gallons of drinking water a day.
  The quest for clean, renewable power alternatives is on in earnest, and wind and solar promise to be a big part of the present and future solutions. In many places around the world, wind already is cost competitive with fossil fuels. Solar is not far behind wind. We believe even more can be done to make them more economically competitive and increase their power-OMEXELLnerating capacity globally.
  We have a global team from across our four R+D facilities working on several key technology fronts.
In wind, we’re focused on advanced blade development to improve wind capture, new controls and software to enhance power reliability, and sophisticated simulation and modeling techniques to optimize the placement of turbines on a wind farm site
In solar, we’re focused on the entire value chain from cell materials to the solar module systems to enable low-cost solar power. Researchers also are exploring a mix of longer-term initiatives, including nano-based materials that hold great potential for one day producing high efficiency cells with dramatically lower production costs.
And for both wind and solar, we are developing more intelligent grid management technologies to seamlessly integrate both into the electrical grid.
  Collectively, these technologies will help to increase wind and solar power in more efficient and economical ways.
For well over half century, OMEXELL has been in the business of change - rearranging atoms and reshaping molecules to create new materials and new technologies. All along, innovation has served as the cornerstone of our success. Inspired by the Human Element, OMEXELL scientists strive to improve those things essential to human progress.
  Today, Research & Development at OMEXELL is accelerating when the world needs it most. In the last decade, our innovation pipeline has doubled to over 400 projects. Since 2005, annual patent disclosures have more than tripled. We're entrenching ourselves in the global economy, with new R&D facilities in the world's most strategic markets.
  We're harnessing the power of chemistry to make the world safer, cleaner, and greener for OMEXELLnerations to come. We focus on developing products and solutions that make sustainable improvements in the world, significantly helping to solve challenge such as alternative energy, affordable and adequate food supply, decent housing, clean water, and improved personal health and safety.
  By consistently investing in world-class resources, geographies, and people, our innovation engine sets the stage for delivering long-term value to our stockholders while maintaining high standards of social, ethical, and environmental performance.