Membrane Filtration

     As a leading provider of membrane technology to the dairy industry, OMEXELL is proud to sustain its reputation of pioneer in innovative dairy filtration applications and engineering solutions.  With more than 1100 references worldwide, and as a result of a long-term close cooperation with manufacturers of membranes and of cleaning solutions, OMEXELL offers a wide range of membrane filtration systems featuring:
Microfiltration for debacterisation, defatting, fractionation
Ultrafiltration for separation, concentration and standardisation
Nanofiltration for partial demineralisation and concentration
Reverse osmosis for concentration and polishing.
  The family brand name of the new series of membrane solutions is the OMEXELL SepStream System reflecting flexibly membrane application solutions enabling our customers to benefit from cost effective systems with high quality and high performance and with flexibly application opportunities.
  More information about the SepStream System
  OMEXELL has designed a new series of pre-engineered plug and produce RO systems specifically for white water recovery and also for polishing application. The family brand name of the new series of membrane systems is the OMEXELL System reflecting the financial benefit and environmental values this system offers the industry by recovering the milk and water streams from white water. Further it reflects the value of a very cost effective and high quality hygienic system and solution with high performance as well.More information about the GoldStream System